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It’s a question asked by almost all gamblers, and usually pretty early on in their betting lives. There’s an old saying that ‘You never see a bookie on a bicycle’, which basically suggests that they make so much money from pricing up events to their advantage that you’re more likely to see them driving an expensive car than peddling their way to work. So, read on and we’ll teach you a little bit about how to beat the bookies. It’s difficult but it can be done! The first thing to do is make sure that you’re betting at a site that gives you the best odds.

These days, punters have far more options available than was the case years ago when bookmakers started out. Most people had no choice and were limited to a single local betting shop, a trip to the greyhound track or to making bets with some underground sharks if they lived in a jurisdiction that prevented gambling. Now however you can fire up your computer and bet with a vast array of bookies and sportsbooks.

One thing you need to do if you want to be a winning sports bettor is to shop around. You should try to find the best odds you can for all of your bets, and this can mean having accounts at lots of different sites, and being able to move money in and out of them quickly. If you blindly take the odds on offer at whatever site is convenient, or that you have money on, when there is a better price available elsewhere, you’re simply costing yourself money.

You might find that British and Irish bookmakers are more likely to make mistakes pricing up American sports, while U.S.based sportsbooks might be overly generous with their English Premier League odds. In order to beat the over round you need to make sure that you’re always shopping around. It can be a lot of work, but it pays off.

Another important reason for spreading your betting around the various bookie sites is that many sites will limit or close your account if you become too big of a winner. If you bet small amounts at a wide variety of sites, you’re much less likely to trigger alarms that will have the management look at your account and decide whether your business is worth their while.

If you want beat the bookies, you’re going to need to take advantage of all of the special offers that you can. You’ll often see online bookmakers and sportsbooks running special offers and deposit bonuses. Promotions like ‘Money back if your horse finishes second’ add value to your bets and you should factor them into your calculations in deciding whether or not a bet is profitable. Always be on the look out for reload bonuses where the site will offer you for example a $50 free bet if you lodge some money to your account and make $100 worth of bets. Remember that the sportsbook are fighting with each other to get your attention so take advantage of them whenever you can

When it comes to making money on sports betting, unfortunately there’s generally no substitute for hard work (except pure good luck). The big winners at sports betting tend to be those who study the form and statistics and then hunt for value in the markets, hoping that somewhere one of the bookmakers has made a small mistake which they can take advantage of.

To reward a person signing up or registering with the website, some of these bookmakers present a generous Sign up bonus promotion. Aimed at welcoming a new wager, Sign Up bonuses can be free or a part of the first deposit made. Free bets or bonuses which are often a part of Sign up bonus are a way of capitalizing on a prospective wager.

If however you’re a specialist in a sport like snooker, golf, swimming or boxing, you have a better chance to make some good money by simply knowing more about the game than the bookmaker, to the point where you can overcome the edge which they build into their prices. After all, at the end of the day its just your opinion against theirs. We have another article that will teach you a bit more about how to get good at sports betting.

What cricket tournaments can you bet on? First off we need to differentiate between domestic and international cricket. Let us start off focussing on the international side of the game. As explained above, there are three recognised formats of the game that are played out between Full and Associate member nations, governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC)

Betting on Test Cricket!

Test matches are played over five days, giving us plenty of time to come up with a solid cricket betting strategy. Currently there are ten nations that have Test match status - England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe. Tests are seen as the pinnacle of the game by many traditionalists.

Each Test match is played over fifteen sessions (morning, afternoon, evening session each day) with a total of 90 overs scheduled in each of the five days play. Because of the natural length of a Test match, players have to deal with a variety of different conditions. Batting could be very easy on the first day due to a flat wicket, but by days four and five the pitch could be scuffed up through natural wear and tear, offering spin bowlers in particular the chance to make life difficult for batsman with variable bounce and turn. Likewise cloudy, humid conditions in a morning session could make batting particularly tough, with the ball swinging and seaming around. If the batsman survives a tough spell such as this, he could be rewarded post-lunch in the afternoon session when the sun comes out. Clear overhead conditions, an older ball and a tiring attack could make batting several times easier than an hour or two previous.

In a shorter, one innings match such as an ODI or T20, these different conditions and scenarios are not given time to unfold, meaning Test match players have to be significantly more adaptable in order to succeed long term. Ever changing conditions mean cricket scores in Test matches can be vastly different from day-to-day, even session-to-session. Test match series are generally nowadays no longer than three-match series, with the odd exception being a series involving one or more of the four main Test playing nations – England, Australia, South Africa and India.

Betting on One Day Cricket!

Whereas ODI and T20 cricket are still treated as less important cousins to Test cricket by many in the UK, coloured clothing and white ball cricket is very much the preference amongst spectators, players and television broadcasters in Asia and the Middle-East.

Despite several attempts at tinkering from the ICC, ODIs have pretty much stayed the same since those Packer-inspired early days. Often played as day-nighters (first innings in late afternoon, second innings at night played under floodlights) each side bats for 50 overs with the winner naturally being the side that scores the most runs. The main difference in playing conditions from Test cricket is the mandatory fielding restrictions placed upon a captain/side depending on what stage the match is in. Currently a captain is only allowed to station two fielders (out of nine) outside the thirty yard circle during overs 1-10 giving batsmen license to find the boundary in these early overs. Overs 11-40 the captain can put a further two men outside the circle to protect the boundaries and finally in overs 41-50 this can go up to five men being allowed to field outside the circle.

ODI series between two sides tend to be played as three, four or five match series. Some nations take part in a Tri-series, where three teams play each other twice before a one off Final decides the winner. There are two ODI global ICC tournaments, both played on a four year cycle. First of all there is the ICC Champions Trophy, secondly there is the ICC Cricket World Cup. Cricket betting tips for these two events are widely available online, as many punters love to bet on the Cricket World Cup in particular.

Betting on T20 Cricket!

T20 cricket is growing at a rapid rate, with many international sides dropping a number of ODIs or even a Test match in order to schedule more of the games shortest format. Once television companies cottoned on that T20 could offer the quick-fix excitement that many 21st century sports fans and punters demand, it was only a matter of time before the volume of matches at the top level increased. Like ODIs, captains have to deal with fielding restrictions in T20 cricket. The first 6 overs are set-up to allow batsmen to have the space and freedom to hit boundaries, with just 2 fielders allowed outside the 30 yard circle. The remaining 14 overs allow a little more breathing space for the fielding side, with 5 fielders allowed to patrol the fences.

Both limited overs formats are in the main aimed at allowing batsman to entertain the crowd with flat pitches, shorter boundaries and lots of runs often on offer. Different skills are required for players to succeed in the shorter formats that aren't otherwise required in Tests. With every passing year, cricketers that only excel in ODI or T20 cricket are not only gaining more respect with the cricket watching public, they are also becoming richer men with advent of multiple domestic T20 competitions round the world. Suddenly being able to hit a six off the first ball you face is considered just as skilful as being able to grind out a Test match fifty on a dodgy fifth day pitch.

Domestic cricket has never been in a better place for a cricketer to make a living. T20 cricket is responsible for this, with nearly all the major nations hosting their own annual tournament, meaning punters can not only bet on international tournaments or matches, they can also bet on cricket matches played domestically around the world. Many of the worlds best limited overs cricketers are now effectively freelancers for multiple T20 sides.

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