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Step by step guide on how to bet on Cricket online!

Online betting is as easy as as it sounds yet as complicated as it feels. Truth is, Cricket betting is truly the simplest form of betting if you are a cricket fan, but what makes thing tricky is the search for a bookmaker If you have the right platform to bet, all you need to do is follow the system. A good bookmaker is one with best game options, all types of bests, easy banking and a step-by-step guide to sign-up and betting. You find a site like that, you are ready to bet!

We list only the trusted bookmakers with right cricket betting services and also list steps on their sign or registration process, along with pointers on how to bet on cricket at these sportsbook.

Step 1 - Select a Cricket betting site

The first step to successful betting is to find a platform offering best of betting odds. Once you have zeroed in your cricket betting site, rest is easy and often assisted by the customer support of the bookmaker and detailed FAQ section. Selecting the right betting site offering top Cricket events, tournaments and best wining payouts is not easy. We present to you some of the leading Cricket betting sites known for their betting options, match odds, promotions and online safety. Make sure you ask yourself questions like - is whether your selected bookmaker has live cricket streaming? What type of in-play events are covered? What are the betting options available?

Key to finding a Cricket betting site is to focus on how safe the site is, is it authorized to offer Cricket betting, what kind of banking options are supported by the site and if the betting site has mobile betting option. Here are few factors to keep in mind before you pick your Cricket betting site:

Cricket betting options & odds

With cricket betting becoming a global event, allowing players from around the world to predict the outcome of their favorite sport, the rules of whole betting scenario has changed. Now the scope of winning by betting on a cricket match has increased, as a person can choose from wide number of different bets ranging from the match outcome, bowling side, batting team and more.

Events covered & betting options

If features like variety of matches, live stream, live in-play, and mobile betting are your priority, you must not skip the part of researching and selecting a cricket betting site. That's where the magic begins. You must also give preference to bookmakers who cover large base of cricket tournaments including Asia Cup, Twenty20 Matches, One Day Tournaments, Major Test Series, County Matches, etc

Bonuses for new & old users

What makes online Cricket betting adventurous is the various bonus and promotions that one gets, apart from the winning payouts. From Sign Up Bonus, Free Bonus to Deposit Bonus, each betting site has its own promotions to help a wager make the most of his/her online Cricket betting experience.

To reward a person signing up or registering with the website, some of these bookmakers present a generous Sign up bonus promotion. Aimed at welcoming a new wager, Sign Up bonuses can be free or a part of the first deposit made. Free bets or bonuses which are often a part of Sign up bonus are a way of capitalizing on a prospective wager.

Security & reputation of the bookmaker

Last but not the least, is the security or credibility of the bookmaker. A bookmaker offering free bets, wide betting options and top betting odds is still not good enough, if it is not authorized to offer these betting services.

Step 2 - Register with a Bookmaker

  • Create an account by clicking on JOIN NOW button on the top right side of the page.
  • Provide your basic details like COR, Name, DOB, Address and fill other fields as asked on the page. You will also be asked to create a USERNAME & secure PASSWORD to access.
  • After your free sign-up is done & account is created, you would be asked to make your initial deposit before you can start betting. Its simple, just provide basic payment details like preferred payment method, currency and card number/details.
  • Once you open your free account and make a minimum $10 or anything above you enjoy a 100% match bonus of upto $100. This bonus is redeemed using the 10 digit code that you get after sign-up & deposit proceedings.
  • Now go back to website, sign-in using your new user-name details, select Cricket and pick your betting event.
  • Choose the team or player or bet you wish to put your money on. Click on them to add them in the BETSLIP.

Step 3 - Pick a bet, add stake and start betting

Once you are ready with a valid user-name, password and an account that has enough deposit for betting, all you need to do is bet the money. This is where you must have basic idea on what kind of bets are offered and what are the odds. Often sportsbook have these basic information on their page for each event. When you click on an event, the bets are laid on the screen and when you click on a bet you add them on the BETSLIP. You can also click on multiple bets to add them on your BETSLIP.

After selecting a bet or bets, you simply add stake or betting amount you are ready to wager on. No all that is left is the consent where you click on Bet button or Start button (whatever is available on the sportsbook) to start with your Cricket betting adventure.

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