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Introduction to Betting In Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and followed by billions of people with majority being from the Indian sub-continent. International tournaments and domestic cricket competitions happening throughout the year you can bet and earn money almost 365 days a year. Our Betting Experts are committed to help improve your chance to win by sharing latest tips and predictions regularly. As the technology is growing and cricket betting is happening more online instead of calling the bokkie. Our guides covers basic of betting and updated with latest trends and technology explaining in detail how to bet online.

How to Play Online Cricket Betting in India?

Cricket betting online is gaining popularity in India and there are cricket betting websites that let you bet on the game. Today, online betting has become a rage among Cricket fans and betting sites, which makes it hard to choose the right platform. The tricky part is to find the site that is safe, has better bonuses, wider betting options and is trustworthy. We do our best to answer all such apprehensions with top betting tips, live bookie odds and top selection based on team’s winning odds. You don’t win a bet by just selecting a suitable cricket betting site based on a good review; you must know which team has more odds, which team is a favourite among bookies and much more.

Cricket Betting at What time?

Cricket played across different formats. You can bet in different formats that include :-

Test Cricket – The oldest and the longest form of the game played over five days where each team bats twice. Here either side can win or there is a chance of draw. This is one of the best game for punters to win. This requires lots of patience and follow the basics shared in our guides.

ODI Cricket – These are 50 over a side contest played in a day where one team emerges as the winner with rare exceptions. This format of the games are played more often between two countries as series of matches or as tournament between multiple countries. Series between two countries is always a good bet for punters.

T20 Cricket – These are 20 over contests where one team emerges victorious at the end of the contest. In case of a tie a super over to decide outcome. This again is played either between countries, international tournament or country specific cricket league.

Domestic Competitions – These are games played over 4-Day, 3-Day, 50 over and 20 over formats between states or railways. Bookmakers doesn’t encourage punters to bet on these tournaments. Punters put very small stakes in these types of tournaments.

Getting ready for cricket betting

Betting online on Cricket consists of series of right steps starting from picking a betting site, signing up, funding the account using different types of banking options and finally placing bet money on a match/tournament by selecting the bet market of your choice. It isn’t gambling but an art where you analyse various factors that are likely to influence the outcome of the game. We do this for you by offering our cricket predictions, but as a punter here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while placing your bets –

Teams – Cricket teams aren’t always equally matched and hence you must always keep in mind the record of both the teams

Form – Form of the individuals plays very important role in outcome and you need to keep track of the teams’ recent record

Player – Missing out on a key player can hurt the prospects of a team and hence keep your eyes on the key players.

Venue History – Playing conditions are important factor as home sides always have the advantage of knowing the conditions better. They can be the differentiator between equally matched sides.

Toss – If playing conditions where the pitch is green or there is due expected in the evening toss can play an important role in the outcome.

Earn Real money as hard cash

To earn money while betting in cricket you have to place your bets around various things that happen during the match. Some of the most popular ones include –

Toss – Toss not just influences the outcome of the game but is also one of the easiest things you can bet on.

Outcome of the game – You bet on one of the teams to win the game or match ending in a draw in case of Test matches.

Series/Tournament outcome – Cricket is generally played in terms of series or tournaments where there are number of games and you bet on the outcome of the series.

Best Batsman – Here you bet on the highest individual scorer in an innings or that in a match.

Best Bowler – The bets are placed on the best bowler in an innings or for the entire game.

Partnerships – You can place your bets on the highest partnership or the better opening partnership between the two teams.

Player of the Match – In this case you bet on the most valuable player across both the teams who will win the player of the match.

Boundaries – Boundaries are the most exciting part of this game and you bet on the number of boundaries that would be scored.

Cricket Betting Odds

You would often come across betting odds on different cricket betting sites. So what are these odds? They are implied probability of a team emerging winner in a contest. For instance, if the odds on a team are 1.5 to win the match you can use this simple mathematical formula to understand these odds.

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

In our case it would be 1/1.5 or 66.66% chances of winning the game

How to understand cricket betting rates and how they work?

If you are planning to bet on a match based on the decimal odds your profit can be easily calculated using this formula –

Profit = (Stake x Odds) – Stake

For instance if you bet Rs. 10000 with the odd of 1.5 team A then your profit would be (10000×1.5) – 10000. Which eventually comes to Rs. 5000. Lower value of odd means more chances of bet getting pass eventually high stakes and low margins

What are Value Bets

If you wish to make killer profits you must go beyond the odds given by a bookmaker and know whether their odds stand a chance. This is often termed as value bets which is calculated based on the decimal odds giving bookmaker using this formula.

Value = (Decimal Odds x Your Assessed Probability) – 1

If the result is more than 0 it is known as a value bet and hence there are more chances of your winning the bet than losing it.

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